4D Xtreme warrants it’s Motorcycle products to be free from Manufacturer defects from date of purchase for a period of 1 year only, proof of purchase mandatory. 4D Xtreme Motorcycle products are covered under no other warranty, expressed or implied as to merchantability or fitness for a particular use other than mentioned herein.
Nickel (Industrial/Polished Chrome) finish on Motorcycle exhaust is warranted until installation and use of product, at which time it is considered to have a limited resistance to rusting, discoloration and peeling.
High temperature ceramic coating on Motorcycle exhaust is warranted for 60 days from date of original purchase, proof provided. Superficial surface rusting of header coating, especially between tubes, is considered normal and therefore not warranted as a defect in materials and workmanship.

Wrapping of Pipe with Heat Tape may adversely affect the pipe & WILL VOID warranty!

The high exhaust temperatures found in engines exceeds the capabilities of the chrome plating to handle the heat without discoloration. 4D Xtreme does not guarantee the pipes against discoloration or blueing.